Writing task 2 model answers


Official model answers


This official IELTS website by the British Council has only one model answer (to what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?) but it will help you to understand how to write a good essay.



Unofficial model answers


I have checked all of the websites below. Although their model answers aren’t officially approved by IELTS, they seem to be reliable (they contain no obvious errors and do what’s required in terms of Task Response).






https://ielts.magoosh.com/ (sign up for free and nagivate to Lessons > Writing) 


How to use model answers


Here are some tips from Pauline Cullen (author of The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS) on how to use model answers:

“First, ensure that you are using sample essays written by native speakers with good writing skills.  Second, read the answers several times and focus on something different each time. Here are some ideas:

    •    To focus on task response, think about how the writer has made their position clear in the essay.

    •    To focus on coherence and cohesion, identify the main idea within each paragraph. Think about how this idea is explained, supported, and connected to the question.

    •    To focus on grammar, look at one paragraph at a time and think about 1) tenses 2) connecting ideas 3) articles 4) relative pronouns.

    •    To focus on vocabulary, notice any words you would never use yourself. If there are none, think about how a native speaker uses vocabulary to talk about this topic. Try to write out 5-10 words and phrases you would like to be able to use. Make a note of how they are used and then try to use them yourself.

    •    Read the essay aloud – thisis often helps you to notice something you may have missed from reading alone.

    •    Without looking back at the sample, try to write the same answer yourself, in your own words, but practising as many of the words and phrases you noticed as possible.”

Read the full article here: https://ieltsweekly.com/model-answers-and-the-invisible-ielts-band-10/