Writing task 2 examiner criteria


This document describes exactly what you need to do to get the score you need in IELTS Writing Task 2:


Below is an excellent video from an ex-IELTS examiner explaining the document in detail:



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0:34 Document overview
1:18 How is your score calculated 
2:21 Task response: address all parts of the task
3:02 Task response: present a clear position throughout the response
3:53 Task response: present, extend and support your ideas   
4:30 Coherence and cohesion: how to get a 7
4:59 Coherence and cohesion: faulty or mechanical cohesion (band 6)
5:16 Coherence and cohesion: example of faulty cohesion (band 6)
5:43 Coherence and cohesion: example of mechanical cohesion (band 6)
6:26 Coherence and cohesion: referencing and substitution (this/that/these, etc.)
8:01 Coherence and cohesion: how to use paragraphs
9:15 Lexical resource (vocabulary): how to get a 7
9:38 Lexical resource (vocabulary): accuracy
10:07 Grammatical range and accuracy: how to get a 7
10:26 Grammatical range and accuracy : frequency of errors
12:25 Summary: what you need for a 7 overall